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17+ Other Unique Ways to Say “Very Much Appreciated”

Michele Stills


I decided to write this article after a recent incident where I struggled to find the right words to express my gratitude. I wanted to properly thank someone for their kindness, but I felt like saying “thank you” wasn’t enough.

This got me thinking about all the different ways we can articulate appreciation. I realized there’s so much more I could say instead of just, “Thanks!” My hope is that this article will help expand your vocabulary so you can convey meaningful gratitude.

What are 15 Alternative Ways to say “Very Much Appreciated”?

Before listing some alternatives, I want to emphasize that the exact words don’t matter as much as the sincerity behind them. Even a simple “thank you” can be impactful if it comes from the heart.

That said, having a repertoire of options helps you tailor expressions of gratitude to different situations. Here are 15 ways to say “very much appreciated”:

I’m incredibly grateful for your help.

You went above and beyond – thank you so much!

I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Thanks for going the extra mile for me.

Your generosity means more than I can express.

I can’t fully articulate how much this means to me.

I appreciate your kindness more than you know.

You really came through for me – thanks a million!

I don’t take your help for granted – thanks again.

This was so thoughtful of you – thanks from the bottom of my heart!

I cherish everything you’ve done to support me.

Please know how much I value your contribution.

You’ll never know how much this means to me.

Words can’t convey the depth of my appreciation.

Thanks – you made my day with your selfless act!

Key Takeaways

  • Expressing sincere gratitude has more impact than flowery words. A simple “thank you” can be very meaningful if conveyed from the heart.
  • Tailor your appreciation to the situation. Casual help from a friend warrants a different response than a grand gesture from a mentor. Match your words to the context.
  • Speak from your own experience. Using language that genuinely reflects how you feel comes across as more authentic.

5 Editor’s Choice Ways

I’m forever grateful for your generosity.

Putting “forever” really emphasizes that you’ll always remember and appreciate what someone did.

Your thoughtfulness means the world to me.

For a grand or emotional gesture, “means the world” elevates your gratitude.

I wish I could fully express how much I appreciate this.

Good for when you’re left speechless by someone going above and beyond.

You made my whole month – deepest thanks!

A playful way to convey immense gratitude and delight.

I appreciate you more than words can describe.

For those times when language just can’t encapsulate your gratitude.

Formal Way

The formal way would be saying “Thank you for your assistance. It is greatly/very much appreciated.” This clearly conveys appreciation in a professional context.

For example:

“Hi Janet,

I wanted to send my sincere thanks for all your help preparing the sales presentation last week. Thank you for your assistance. It is very much appreciated. I couldn’t have done it without you. Please let me know if there is any way I can help support you and your team.

Best regards, Sarah”

Other formal options:

  • Your contribution is so valued.
  • I deeply appreciate you taking the time.
  • Please accept my sincere gratitude.

Informal Way

The informal way would be saying “Thanks so much!”, “You totally saved me!”, or “I so appreciate you!” – casual expressions conveying heartfelt gratitude.

For example:

“Hey girl! I’m finally sitting down after running around all day – you totally saved me by watching the kids last minute. I so appreciate you! Seriously don’t know what I’d do without your help sometimes. Love you!”

Other informal options:

  • You’re the best – thanks a ton!
  • I owe you big time!
  • You made my day – thanks!!

Is It Correct to Say “Very Much Appreciated”?

Yes, it is perfectly correct to say “very much appreciated” when expressing gratitude. This phrase is clear, polite, and gets the point across.

The word “appreciated” is the past participle of the verb “appreciate.” Using it with modifiers like “very much” is grammatically sound. Its formality level is middle-of-the-road – appropriate for both casual and professional contexts.

While less common verb forms like “appreciated” tend to feel stuffy in informal speech, they work well for written communication conveying gratitude. The semantics emphasize that appreciation occurred in the past while the feeling continues into the present.

So in summary – yes, “very much appreciated” is a correct, meaningful way to articulate your gratitude!


Expressing appreciation for help, gifts, or kind acts is important. Yet finding the right words can be challenging. I hope breaking down formal and informal options makes it easier to convey just how grateful you are! Remember – a heartfelt “thank you” carries more weight than flowery language. Focus on speaking genuinely from your personal experience.

Michele Stills

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