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Funny Responses to “What Do You Look Like?”: 65+ Witty & Silly Replies

What Do You Look Like

Michele Stills


You just matched with someone new on a dating app.

The conversation is going well and you feel that spark of potential.

Then bam! They hit you with the dreaded question: “What do you look like?”

We’ve all been there.

You want to keep the witty banter flowing and make a great first impression.

But how do you respond without sounding full of yourself or, worse, boring?

Fear not! As a relationship coach, I’ve got your back with all the funny comebacks you need.

Get ready to have them laughing, intrigued, and wanting more.

Silly Responses

“A cross between Idris Elba and Meryl Streep, depending on the lighting”

When someone throws that curveball at you, why not totally deflect with some cheeky humor?
A zinger like this lets your playful side shine while keeping an air of mystery.

  • “Think Danny DeVito’s looks with George Clooney’s bank account.”
  • “Sunday’s tornado warning with Tuesday’s clear skies forecast.”
  • “A young Paul Rudd mixed with an older Steve Buscemi.”
  • “If the Mona Lisa and The Scream had a baby.”
  • “Like a punk rock Sharon Stone in her younger days.”

Flirty Responses

“Why don’t you tell me what your type is, and I’ll let you know if I fit the bill?”

Ooh la la, here’s a response that keeps things playful and provocative.
You’re putting the ball back in their court in a fun, flirty way.

  • “Do you have a thing for tall, dark, and handsome strangers?”
  • “Are you a Belieber or more of a Pattinson person?”
  • “What matters more: brains or Sean Connery-level charm?”
  • “I hope you’re not one of those people only into Dad bods.”
  • “Let’s just say, you’d definitely swipe right on this profile pic.”

Compliment Responses

“Are you asking if my face does this perfect bone structure justice?”

Confidently owning your good looks shows you’ve got that swaggy self-assurance.
Tossing in a compliment for them makes it a shared moment.

  • “You mean aside from this dazzling smile and striking eyes?”
  • “Do these rock hard abs and chiseled jaw give you a clue?”
  • “Well, everyone says I look just like the hot one in [popular film/TV show].”
  • “My face hasn’t graced any romance novel covers, but it should.”
  • “You’ve got taste. I clean up pretty nicely, if I do say so myself.”

Silly and Flirty Combo

“I’m like if the mustachioed man Muppet and Angelina Jolie had kids”

The best of both worlds – you’re keeping it light and goofy while sneaking in a self-compliment.
It’s peak humblebraggery at its finest.

  • “Like a mashup of pre-Malone and prime Marilyn Monroe.”
  • “Danny DeVito’s ex-wife once told me I have kind eyes.”
  • “Ryan Reynolds’ comedic timing with Henry Cavill’s jawline.”
  • “Jake Gyllenhaal’s eyes, Rebel Wilson’s sense of humor.”
  • “Basically the comic relief in every art house film.”

Intellectual Responses

“The sum total of every philosophical thought throughout human history”

Lean into sounding cerebral and profound. It comes across as thoughtful while still being tongue-in-cheek.

  • “The personification of Nietzsche’s Übermensch, but with better hair.”
  • “Isaac Newton’s mind trapped in a Hemsworth brother’s body.”
  • “A modern renaissance man or woman in the making.”
  • “An eccentric poet who also happens to smolder pretty good.”
  • “The missing link between Descartes’ genius and Derrida’s cheekbones.”

Mysterious Responses

“You’ll have to use your imagination…”

Leave ’em wanting more by staying cryptic and tantalizing.
It builds intrigue while buying you more time.

  • “I prefer to air on the side of cautious mystique.”
  • “Let’s just say, I put the ‘figure’ in ‘figure of speech.'”
  • “The surprise will be worth the suspense, trust me.”
  • “You know what they say about awesome things and small packages…”
  • “The pictures really don’t do this hot bod justice anyway.”

Relatable Responses

“Just your average, ordinary, devilishly good-looking person”

Mixing self-deprecation with a dash of confidence? Chef’s kiss!
It makes you seem down-to-earth and approachable.

  • “The total ‘pam’ to your ‘jim’ from The Office.”
  • “A weird cross between Paul Bunyan and Helena Bonham Carter.”
  • “The attractive yet socially awkward friend you wish you had.”
  • “Like the goofy best friend character, but better looking.”
  • “Your typical, quirky girl or guy-next-door…with a twist!”

Quirky Responses

“Like a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg meets Patrick Swayze”

Weird, unconventional comparisons show off your charming peculiarities.
It’s impossible not to lean in and ask for more.

  • “A modern-day Frida Kahlo with Dave Chappelle’s comedic timing.”
  • “I give off big Ted Lasso-meets-Velma vibes from Scooby Doo.”
  • “The quirky artist you went to high school with, but hotter.”
  • “Steve Jobs with Julia Roberts’ megawatt smile.”
  • “Like if an Old Spice commercial came to life, broke the fourth wall.”

Cryptic Responses

“That’s classified information, I’m afraid…”

Acting purposefully vague and secretive is a fun way to keep them guessing.
Just don’t leave them hanging too long.

  • “A superhero has to protect their secret identity, ya know?”
  • “Some things are better left to the imagination…”
  • “Loose lips sink ships, so I’ve been advised to stay zipped.”
  • “It’s all very hush-hush and on a need-to-know basis.”
  • “I could tell you, but then I’d have to…well, you know.”

Reply Advice for Different Genders

Replying to a Girl

When a girl asks what you look like, you want to give an impression of being fun yet respectful. Open the door for flirtation, but don’t overdo crude sexual comments.

Good examples:

  • “By my own modest estimate, probably a 9/10”
  • “I clean up pretty well, but I like to keep an air of mystery…”
  • “My face hasn’t caused any traffic accidents yet, but who knows?”

Stay away from:

  • Overtly sexual references to your physique
  • Put downs or insults masked as jokes
  • Bragging about your looks arrogantly

The key is to be playful, charming, and just a little self-deprecating. Tease and tantalize without being a jerk about it.

Replying to a Guy

With guys, you can be a little more boldly flirtatious or goofy right off the bat. They tend to appreciate upfront confidence.

Good examples:

  • “Oh you know, just your typical smoldering hunk of man meat”
  • “No false modesty here – I’m extremely good looking and sculptors weep”
  • “If Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling produced offspring, I might be it”


  • Self-deprecating put downs about your looks
  • Being overly vulgar or explicit
  • Taking yourself way too seriously

Have fun with it! Guys often enjoy a woman who can toss around some playful arrogance and sarcasm.

Key Takeaways

  • A funny response shows off your creativity and charisma
  • The best ones leave some mystery while hinting at your self-confidence
  • Use wit and sarcasm, but keep it light – don’t be a jerk about it
  • Change up your approach based on if you’re talking to a guy or girl

Looks Aren’t Everything, But Humor Is Chef’s Kiss

When someone inevitably asks what you look like early in the dating game, don’t panic!
Use the funny comebacks and tips here to highlight your great sense of humor.

Lean into your quirks and keep things playful. After all, laughter and wit is what really sparks that lasting connection.
Your awesome personality and smarts will have them hooked before they ever see that pretty (or devilishly handsome) face.

Michele Stills

I'm an evidence-based coach helping clients with their communication, leadership skills, anxiety, public speaking and interpersonal relationship skills.

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